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Integrated Ticket Systems, the sister company to Linda Brown and Associates, was created to provide you with the most comprehensive solution to all of your ticketing needs.  We have designed a system which surpasses anything previously available.

Our "State of the Art" wireless bar code scanning system is rivaled by none other in the industry.  It
easily detects and alerts the user when a ticket has
been through the gate before.
No worries about buying, upgrading or maintaining expensive equipment either.  It is all included with our service.

Using our designs or yours, the tickets and credentials are manufactured in-house with a unique process making them easily identifiable and virtually impossible to duplicate.  We can also include a UPC code for pre-sale at any outlet with a scanning register.  You will know exactly how many tickets are sold and how much money you should receive.

The preliminary and final reports we provide show you the real event numbers, and take the guess work out of attendance.  Know exactly when to schedule additional security, money runs, etc.  They also make reconcilling money easy as well.

Combine all of the above, and you have a system that stops fraudulent activity dead in its tracks.  You will also have more information about your event than you have ever had before.
The bottom line is you see more $$$$ on your bottom line!

Our services include...

  • On-site assessment of all gate, ticketing and
    credentials, and personnel requirements
  • Professional, bar coded, fraudulent-resistant
    tickets and credentials using your designs or ours.
  • Easy to use wireless, handheld bar code scanners
    for your gates.
  • Real time monitoring of all gate and scanner activity
    from one central location.
  • Accurate and instantaneous attendance reports to
    assist you in marketing, grant writing, and
    sponsorship acquisition.
  • A dedicated and knowledgeable staff with years
    of experience in the fair, events and computer
  • We can quickly train your staff to operate the
    handheld scanners or, we can provide gate
    workers for you.

Let Integrated Ticket Systems assemble a custom tailored system for your event and make it more successful,  profitable and trouble-free than ever before!
 Integrated Ticket Systems, LLC.